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Dept of Biochemistry, Institute of Integrative Biology, University of Liverpool,
Liverpool L69 7ZB

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General information

Most of our bioanalytical projects are at the interface between postgenomic biological systems, quantitative analytical chemistry and machine learning, with a special emphasis on evolutionary computing and systems biology. We have particular interests in chemical genomics, network biology and e-science. Other areas include pharmaceutical drug transporters, iron as a major cause of disease, and synthetic biotechnology.


Bioanalytical Sciences Group

Academic staff:

Prof. Douglas Kell Prof Douglas Kell
Head of GroupDouglas.Kell[AT]
Present Blog
Previous (BBSRC) Blog
Mrs Julie Cowley Mrs Julie Cowley
Executive Assistant to Professor Kell

Manchester University Collaborators:

Dr Steve O'Hagan Dr Steve O’Hagan
Computer Officersohagan[AT]
+44 161 30 64562
Dr David Ellis Dr David Ellis
Senior Experimental Officer / Lab ManagerD.Ellis[AT]

Post Doctoral Researchers:

Joanna Sadler

Jo is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate working in the field of directed evolution, biocatalysis and synthetic biology. She received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry with a Year in Industry from the University of Bristol in 2013, followed by an Industrial PhD in Biocatalysis and Enzymology at GlaxoSmithKline in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde, before joining the Kell group in 2017. Her work now focuses on the engineering of biocatalysts for industrial application using synthetic biology and in silico learning. This encompasses the development of new tools for library design and ultra-high throughput screening and sorting assays.

Ph.D. Students:

Srijan Jindal

Ph.D. (2nd-year) in Chemistry.

Topics: Microbiology, Single-cell analysis, Drug-cell interaction, Antimicrobial susceptibility, Flow cytometry.

Past members:
Dr Nicholas Ludtke, Dr Yang Liu, Dr Anthony Halsall, Dr Dieter Weichart, Dr Karin Lanthaler Dr Yoshi Tsuruoka, Dr James Marsh, Ms Nadine Harding, Dr David Broadhurst, Dr Paul Dobson, Dr Peter Li, Ms Sue McIntyre, Dr Neil Hayes, Dr Yogendra Patel, Dr Evangelos Simeonidis, Dr Jason Ashworth, Dr Marie Brown, Ms Maureen Cameron, Dr Elizabeth Davies, Miss Joanne Ellis, Mr Mike Evans, Dr Caroline Farrelly, Dr Julia Handl, Dr Adaoha Ihekwaba, Dr Bayu Jayawardhana, Dr Yankuba Kassama, Dr Chris Knight, Miss Hongmei Lu, Dr Hailin Shen, Mrs Katya Tarasova, Dr Charles Twist, Dr Steve Wilkinson, Dr Rebecca Williams, Miss Peng Xiaofang, Dr Jin Yisu Dr Hong Yue, Dr Hongjuan Zhao, Dr Paul Begley, Dr Duncan Hull, Dr Mark Platt, Dr Will Rowe, Dr David Thorne, Dr Andy Tseng, Dr Giles Velarde, Dr Alice Villéger, Dr Yunjiao Wang, Dr Thomas Williamson, Dr Eva Zelena, Dr Irena Spasic.


We also have close research collaboration with the members of following research groups:

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Contact details

We prefer to be contacted by e-mail. You can use the addresses listed above to contact any of us. If you wish to contact the head of the group, Prof. Douglas Kell, please use the following contact details:

E-mail: Douglas.Kell[AT]