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Nature Genomics Gateway.

E. coli: COG at NCBI, Colibri Web Server, ECDC E. coli Database Collection (Gießen), Ecogene (Kenn Rudd), Ecocyc, Genobase (Nara, Japan), Genome Navigator (Dahlem), IECA Portal –  MIPS/PEDANT.

M. tuberculosis: H37Rv (Sanger), MIPS/PEDANT, Tuberculist.

S. cerevisiae: MIPS/PEDANT, Saccharomyces Genome Database, MIPS CYGD, Yale Genome Analysis Center, YPD.

S. coelicolor: A3(2) at Sanger, IGF homepage, UMIST Microarray Resource, Proteome Reference Gel

2D gel electrophoresis tutorial in AberExpasy – home page and portal for many proteomics tools, including World 2D PAGE list and Protocols for 2D-PAGE

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Mutliident – lots of ways of checking out proteins

PROWL – a resource for protein chemistry and mass spectrometry (and a good one for peptide mass fingerpriting)

Protein Prospector, PepSea, MOWSE, MASCOT, PepFrag, (other good ones for peptide mass fingerprinting)

Proteome, Inc – a commercial venture with good yeast and worm proteomics

Profound – Bayesian system for peptide mass fingerprinting vs NIH nr database.

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Links for metabolomics are via our Metabolomics Homepage

Systems Biology
Links for Systems Biology are via our Systems Biology Homepage

Molecular Biology
A Guide to Molecular Sequence Analysis, Pedro’s Biomolecular Research Tools, Biopolymer Markup Language.

Bioscience Departments
Biotutor – quick link to all UK Bioscience Departments

Amersham IN Cell Analyser, Cellomics ArrayScan, Evotec Opera.Bioimage.org, Open Microscopy Environment.

Functional Categories for Functional Genomics
If the functional genomics agenda is to assign function or functional class to genes of unknown function, it is necessary to have a list of the classes to which one might wish to assign them. The following therefore lists some websites in which a listing of suggested functional classes has been given.

Organism URL
Bacillus subtilis http://bioweb.pasteur.fr/GenoList/SubtiList/help/classif-search.html
Caenorhabditis elegans http://www.proteome.com/databases/WormPD/WormPDcategories/ Functional_Categories.html
Escherichia coli http://ecocyc.pangeasystems.com/ecocyc/ecocyc.html http://www.genome.ad.jp/dbget-bin/get_htext?E.coli.operon.kegg
Mycobacterium tuberculosis http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/M_tuberculosis/Gene_list
Saccharomyces cerevisiae http://www.mips.biochem.mpg.de/proj/yeast/catalogues/funcat/index.html http://www.proteome.com/databases/YPD/YPDcategories/ Functional_Categories.html

Note that many of these classification structures are are strictly hierarchical and are far from optimal. See Kell, D.B. & King, R.D. (2000) On the optimization of classes for the assignment of unidentified reading frames in functional genomics programmes: the need for machine learning. Trends Biotechnol. 18, 93-98. Pubmed abstract. The goal of the Gene Ontology consortium is to bring order and a systematic structure to these terms. Another comparison of functional annotation schemes has been published by SCG Rison, TC Hodgman & JM Thornton (2000) Functional and Integrative Genomics 1, 56-69 – see link here and a Table of links to other functional catalogues.

Network Science
Some properties of networks are generic, and we need tools to study and understand them. Links to these are on our Systems Biology page.

Genetic Programming and Evolutionary Computing Links
Very much under construction…People: John Koza’s Homepage

Bibliographic: The GP bibliography, Bibliography on GP

Tutorials: Genetic Programming FAQs, GP Tutorial at GeneticProgramming.com, GP Tutorial at Stanford.

Hardware: Adrian Stoica JPL, Anadigm, Xilinx.

Software: Academic, Commercial, Aber Genomic Computing.

Other Overviews: Genetic Programming.org, Cluster Computing Links, Evonet.

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