A ‘Canon’ of Reviews on Metabolic Organisation, Channeling and Control


A number of people have suggested that it would be of great benefit to scientists who are starting to develop a detailed interest in the question of what the inside of cells is really like, and in the (probably) related questions of the organisation of metabolic channeling and the control of metabolic fluxes, to have access to a short bibliography that would serve to outline most of the issues, and to summarise the evidence that leads many to believe that the inside of a cell is far more organised than textbooks usually credit. There follows a short and necessarily eclectic selection that we believe will be helpful. indicates what might be considered the first 5.

The Reviews

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A summary of the abundant evidence that bulk-phase chemiosmotic coupling does not serve to account for energy transduction in oxidative and photosynthetic phosporylation may be found in Kell, D.B., Protonmotive energy-transducing systems: some physical principles and experimental approaches. In: Bacterial Energy Transduction (C.J. Anthony, ed.), pp. 429-490. Academic Press, London, 1988.

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