Holiday Booking is now done via the booking form from IT-services.

Official university forms for travel expenses and purchases need to be used (for your convenience, links to these are also provided below).

  • Holiday Booking

    Note: New form in use! You will need your UoM username / password.

ITS Leave Planner

  • The holiday year starts on the 1st October and ends on the 30th September. RAs and other academic related staff are entitled to 29 days (excluding bank holidays and Christmas closure days). Technical staff are entitled to 26 days (excluding bank holidays and Christmas closure days).
  • Travel Expenses

    When travelling for business, it is the responsibility of each traveller to book their own travel insurance, which can be done online using the University’s Business Travel Insurance Form.
    Expense claim forms should be printed, filled in and submitted to Julie for authorisation and forwarding to the relevant School and Central Finance.

  • Purchasing

    A requisition MUST be submitted on iProc for authorisation PRIOR making any purchases. This must include the correct grant code and expenditure type. Use of the School Credit Card should be kept to a minimum but when necessary please select ‘Barclaycard S M Hirst’ in the supplier name section of the iProc requisition.

Some administration issues

Thank you for your co-operation. Further information on some administration issues within the DBK group and MIB can be found here. Should you need additional explanation, please contact Julie Cowley, personal assistant to Prof. Douglas Kell:

+44 161 30 64575 (phone)
+44 161 30 64556 (fax)