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David Broomhead: a brief ‘in memoriam’

I learned on Friday of the very sad and untimely death of my good friend David Broomhead. I first came upon Dave’s name when Roy Goodacre and I were working on neural networks in Aberystwyth, and discovered that the Radial Basis Function neural network method that Dave had co-invented [1] some ten years previously ran some 20-900 times quicker [2] than did the multilayer perceptrons we were previously using. When I moved to Manchester in 2002, it was natural then that I should seek him out for a scientific chat to see where we might have mutual interests. It soon emerged that we had in fact been at Oxford together (he a year ahead of me doing Chemistry, so as a biochemist we had not met), had a mutual friend in the form of another theoretical chemist who had cofounded the Uhuru wholefoods shop, and were both weekly commuters who had some free time in midweek evenings that would allow us to enjoy talking about science (sensu lato) over a beer. 

Thus began a long and wholly enjoyable relationship in which we would meet in the ‘snug’ (quiet) bar of the local watering hole, the Lass o’ Gowrie to discuss numerical methods and their applications to biological problems (lots), as well as sport (a little) and politics (rather less). Ideas that seemed worth pursuing would be turned into grant proposals (5 successful ones running – an unheard-of strike rate for me) and over time, of course, the discussions turned further to the results of the systems we were by then studying.

Our co-published oeuvre [3-15] covers a wide range of activities, from ODE modelling to nonlinear dynamics to information theory, and appears below (and see here), and is in some sense a legacy. But what everyone who met him always recognised (and see here for a typical blog, from which I have copied the above picture of Dave) was that Dave was simply the nicest bloke you could imagine. I suspect this sprang in part from his roots, and from a lifelong socialism that was reflected in his patience (few were as bright as him, and he had to explain some very complex things to us, slowly) and his overwhelming humanity. Dave becoming ill coincided with my secondment to BBSRC, so I saw comparatively little of him from 2008-13, but was very pleased to see him again this year. We had initiated some cheminformatics plans based around his earlier work [16, 17] on dimensionality reduction, that I hope may continue.  As phrased in the Tao Te Ching, “Work is done, then forgotten. Therefore it lasts for ever.” As shall my memories of some very happy times with a very brilliant, warm and special person.

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