New version: 1.8.2b

released 2 December 1998

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Blat is now coordinated by Tim Charron and Gilles Vollant, see their web page for up to date information.

What is Blat?

Blat is a Public Domain (generous aren't we?) Windows NT console utility that sends the contents of a file in an e-mail message using the SMTP protocol. Blat can send plain ASCII text files or binary files encoded in base64 or uuencode.

What is Blat useful for?

Blat is useful for creating scripts where mail has to be sent automatically (CGI scripts, result of automated backups, etc.)

What do you need to use Blat?

To use Blat you must first download it, install it and then make sure that you have access to a SMTP server via TCP-IP.

Are there binaries of Blat for the Alpha, MIPS or PowerPC based computers?

At the moment there are binaries for the DEC Alpha. However,because Blat comes with source code, you are free to compile it under MIPS or PowerPC.

Does Blat run under Windows 95?

While we did not design Blat for and never ran it under Windows 95. We are told that it runs well in that environment.

We provide absolutly no support for this, but then we also do not provide support for Blat under NT...

And does Blat run under Windows 98?

We do not know and are really couldn't care less!

Examples of Blat usage

Being freeware with source code included in the distribution, we cannot provide any support for your usage of Blat. But here are some examples of how to use Blat, kindly provided by other users of the program:

Downloading Blat

Please download Blat from the site nearest to you.

Be aware that the Alpha version is for the Alpha family of processors (this is not a development version) and it will not work on Intel based computers!