Technical sheet of CellTracker

Operating System


Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Windows NT 4.0 or higher

Hardware requirements

PCs that are able to run Win95/98/Win NT/2000/XP

512MB RAM, 1GB or above recommended

Hard disk space 35MB

Software requirement

Matlab component run time (MCR)

Input images

A stack of time series (Karl Zeiss LSM file; TIF; JPG; BMP; Matlab mat file)

Note that input images could have more than three channels


English ( UK )

Boundary detection method

Level set (Vese 1998)

Snake(Kass 1987, Xu 1998)


Boundary tracking method

Particle filter based on image colour, edge features (Blake 1998, Isard 1998,Nummiaro 2003)

Snake(Kass 1987, Xu 1998)

Segmentation based (Jones 2005)

Cell tracking method

Combination of the above boundary tracking methods

Export format



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Method Literature

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