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Current version 0.60, windows platform only, updated on 08 June, 2006. See more details in release notes and help file. Please read the Installation guide (html, pdf). before you setup CellTracker. By downloading the CellTracker, you accept the terms of the agreement.

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"MATLAB Component Runtime" is Required

To run the CellTracker as a standalone application, the Matlab Component Runtime (MCR) must be installed first. No Matlab or image processing toolbox is required. It is not required to install the MCR again if you have installed it before. It is normally installed in C:\Program Files\MathWorks\MATLAB Component Runtime by default. If you don't have the MCR, you can download it here (102MB).

Demo images

The following are the original images in the CellTracker demos. The result files have been packed along with the CellTracker installer.

CellTracker has been downloaded times since the initial release.