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The BioThermoKinetics study group

The International Study Group of Biological Thermodynamics, Control and Kinetics (BioThermoKinetics in short) is an informal group devoted to the quantitative understanding of the kinetics, thermodynamics and control of biological processes at the cellular level.

BTK holds biennial meetings which are aimed at providing a forum for a vivid exchange of ideas between experimenters with a keen eye for quantitative aspects, theoreticians with a keen eye for the experimental practice and those in between.


The BTK study group holds meeting every two years. So far we have had or plan the following:

  1. Basel, Switzerland
  2. Bressanone, Italy
  3. 1988 Aberystwyth, UK
  4. 1990 Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
  5. 1992 Bombannes, France
  6. 1994 Schröcken, Austria
  7. 1996 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  8. 1998 Göteborg, Sweden (Photos here!)
  9. 2000 Stellenbosch, South Africa
  10. 2002. Bordeaux-Arcachon, France.
  11. 2004 Oxford, UK - September 3-6, 2004 - NEW

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The last BTK meetings have been published in book format:

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Home pages of members of the BTK group

If you are a BTKer with a web page that is not mentioned here, please send an email to Douglas Kell at with the details.

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Mailing list and Usenet newsgroup

There is an active mailing list/usenet newsgroup where the topics of the BTK study group are discussed. To subscribe to the BTK-MCA mailing list address correspondence to one of the following addresses depending upon your location:

USENET users can post and read directly in bionet.metabolic-reg at your local site. Please be sure to set your article distribution to either "world" or "bionet" if the latter option is available.

E-mail users can post messages (except subscription requests!) to one of the following addresses:

Messages posted by mail show up in USENET news and vice versa.

You can also access the mailing list through a web interface, this contains an archive of past postings.

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Metabolic Control Analysis (MCA)

One of the major topics of the BTK group is MCA. You can find more information about this topic on the MCA Web

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